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Drain camera inspection eliminates the guesswork. Pro Plumbers can show you the condition of drain while you look over our shoulder. If you have had problems with your drain or experiencing a drain problem for the first time, call and make an appointment that's convenient for you.

Pro Plumbers Drain Camera Inspection

Many homeowners do not think about their drains until they begin to malfunction. Whether your bathroom sinks are draining slowly or the toilet has overflowed and flooded your bathroom, it is important to contact the expert plumbers at Pro Plumbers. We use an advanced drain camera to inspect and diagnose problems with your drain.

What Is A Drain Camera Inspection?

Camera inspection is a plumber’s most powerful tool. It allows us to see the condition of your home’s main drain. We can see in real time the condition of your drains and diagnose if there is any problematic evidence. Camera inspection is recommended whenever there is a backup as it will clearly display the cause of the problem right on the monitor. Without a camera inspection we cannot accurately identify the cause of a main drain backup, but a camera will let us take the guesswork out of diagnosing the problem.

The Benefits Of A Drain Camera Inspection

The benefit to a camera inspection is obvious. It allows for a visual of the main drain condition in real time in full color. If there is a problem, we can identify it and locate it accurately. The ability to be able to see inside the drain pipe without any disruption to your basement or front yard is an invaluable tool for both plumber and homeowner.

How Does A Drain Camera Inspection Work?

We will open the closest drain to the blockage, and run a snake down the drain to ensure the camera can go through, then feed the camera in. Depending on what we see, we can diagnose the problem.

Common Issues You Need A Drain Camera Inspection

  • Offsets in the joints between pipes: Your sewer line is made of sections of pipe joined together. Over time, the ground outside your home can shift and settle, and push the pipes in different directions, causing breaks in the joints. This can create a ridge that traps debris and leads to a clog.
  • Invasion of pipes by tree roots: This often looks like noodles inside the pipe. If a break in a pipe occurs, water will leak out and attract thirsty tree roots. The water leaving your house is nutrient-rich, and that’s a bonus to the plant. The roots will collect around the moisture from the leaking pipe, and eventually invade the cracked pipe itself, and build up inside the pipe over time.
  • Areas of pipes that have been crushed or bent: This can be caused by inadequate support under the pipe during construction and/or settling and compression of the ground above the pipe. This can often happen when extensive landscaping (think large rocks) is added above the pipe. We can tell that this is the problem if the camera hits water and then becomes clear further on. This means that water has collected in a low point in the pipe.
  • Corrosion on the inner surface of the pipe: Some older homes, especially those built in the 20s and 30s, have cast iron sewer lines. Over time these corrode, and the metal develops pits and even flakes that can trap debris.

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