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Bathroom Sink Repair | Pro Plumbers

Bathroom Sink Repair - Pro Plumbers

Every sink in your home is different. And while your bathroom sink doesn't make jam or break as much as your kitchen sink, it still needs to be repaired from time to time.

There are many reasons for your bathroom sink to require repair. And while you might think it is easier to just replace the entire bathroom sink, there are plenty of other options out there. For instance, if your bathroom sink has some minor defects or stains on it, all you really need is a good cleaning and polish. But if your bathroom sink is all clogged up, give Pro Plumbers a call, and we will come to fix it up.

What makes up a bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks are watertight vessels with a hole in them. They are, for the majority of the time, installed in your bathroom. They are often made from porcelain, acrylic, or even plastic. Bathroom sinks come in all shapes and sizes. For example, the traditional bathroom sink with a single faucet is still prevalent in most homes. But now, people have been incorporating more and more double bathroom sinks into their bathrooms to accommodate everyone who wants to use the sink. The more complicated the bathroom sink, the harder it is to fix. So, if your sink has multiple holes and matching faucets, then it would be best to avoid DIY mistakes that could cost you even more money down the road.

Why do bathroom sinks get clogged

Bathroom sinks get clogged for many reasons. Sometimes the clog builds up over time, and sometimes the bathroom sink faces a sudden clog in the drain. Here are some of the most common bathroom sink clogs:

Dry Rot: when solid objects enter the drain and stay stuck in there too long.

Mildew: bacterias that invade the opening of the pipes under your sink.

Buildup: grease and other nasty things get mixed with water over time, forming a thick blob of gunk inside the drain.

Mineral deposits: caused by the water you use every day to wash your hands and face.

Hair: the most common reason for clogging up bathroom sinks. When too much hair enters your bathroom sink drain, it all gets stuck in your pipes.

What happens if I drop something in my bathroom sink

Dropping something into your bathroom sink is not the end of the world. If you think you dropped something in there, turn off your water and remove the drain cover to see if it's in there. If you do find something, take it out with a pair of tongs or by hand. If you can't reach it or see it, call Pro Plumbers. We won't charge you much for this service, and we retrieve items dropped in the sink all of the time for Corona, CA, homeowners.

Why does my bathroom sink smell like sewage

There are a variety of reasons why your bathroom sink might have an awful sewage smell. Each bathroom sink is attached to a sewage line, and it could be as simple as replacing the bathroom p-trap. Or as severe as a crack in your sewage line. Either way, when this problem arises, give Pro Plumbers a call.

Why is my bathroom sink leaking?

Something is definitely wrong with your bathroom sink if it is not working the way it should, for instance, if it is constantly leaking. The most common causes of a sink leak are if the water keeps running even though you have turned off your faucet, then it's likely that there is some lime buildup in your bathroom sink drain. A leak can also be caused by a crack in the pipe. The best way to tell if your plumbing is leaking is by looking for water spots on the floor. If the leak is causing damage to your bathroom, turn the water off and call Pro Plumbers.

When should you call the Pro Plumbers for bathroom sink repairs

Although the bathroom sink in your home is not as prone to problems as other parts of your house, it can still break from time to time. When it does, call the professional plumbers at Pro Plumbers for an estimate on repairs. Especially if you notice leaking from underneath the bathroom sink. Suppose you catch it and contact us quick enough. In that case, it can be fixed with an inexpensive repair - saving you thousands of dollars in bathroom renovations.

Signs that you need a bathroom sink repair

A few of the most common signs your sink needs repair are:

  • Your bathroom sink is draining slowly.
  • There are constant leaks under your bathroom sink.
  • You notice wet spots underneath your bathroom sink.
  • Water is leaking from the bathroom sink faucet onto the countertop.
  • Not being able to turn the water off completely, or it leaks even when turned off all the way.
  • Your sink has a foul odor.

Call Pro Plumbers for quick and efficient bathroom sink repairs.

Instead of giving you an estimate over the phone, your local plumbing specialist will come to your home and give you a thorough evaluation because every bathroom sink is unique. Fixing your bathroom sink as soon as possible prevents costly repairs to other areas in your house, such as the ceiling or floors.

Most people don't know this, but your bathroom sink can get clogged and need a professional plumber to fix it. If you have a slow drain or the water won't turn off all the way, there's a chance that your pipes are leaking. And suppose you notice awful odors coming from the plumbing under your bathroom sink. In that case, something is definitely wrong - call Pro Plumbers for quick repairs before more damage happens!

To prevent even worse problems in your home like flooding ceilings and floors because of leaks from underneath your sinks, give us a call today. Our team of professional plumbers is here to make sure you're not spending thousands of dollars on renovations.

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