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If you are looking for a burst pipe repair company in Corona, CA, then look no further than Pro Plumbers. We have the experience and knowledge to fix any plumbing problem that may arise. Call us today at (844) 568-5500!

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Burst Pipe Repair | Pro Plumbers

Burst Pipe Repair: Pro Plumbers

Burst pipe repair is a common plumbing issue that plumbers encounter every day. If you suspect burst pipes, don't wait to contact a professional plumber! Our burst pipe repair service at Pro Plumbers is available for homeowners in Corona and the surrounding areas.

What causes water pipes to burst?

Water pipes burst for several reasons, including too much pressure, freezing when the water in the pipes is heated, corrosion from acid or other chemicals in the soil, and pipe leaks.

A burst pipe is usually caused by excess corrosion in the piping system, usually due to acid or another chemical in the soil around the pipes. Signs that you may have burst pipes include:

  • water coming out of joints and seams
  • leaking joints on appliances like dishwashers, sinks, and toilets
  • burst pipe smell (musty smell or sulfur smell)
  • water pooling or puddles near the leaking area
  • cracked tile grout
  • discolored ceiling paint
  • dark, damp patches on walls
  • wet carpeting
  • water on flooring materials like wood, linoleum, and vinyl

Where do water pipes usually burst?

We all know of water pipes bursting when they're old or poorly insulated. Most often, you will find them in the basement of your home near the furnace, boiler, air conditioner, and water heater. But there are other places where these pipes can break too. For instance, if you have an outdoor faucet to wash off after gardening, this is also prime territory for pipe damage due to freezing weather conditions. Even though it might not seem like common sense at first glance, any place with cold temperatures could be susceptible to frozen pipes!

What does a burst water pipe sound like?

A burst water pipe sounds like a rushing sound, almost like a car backfiring. Essentially, a burst water pipe can sound like a thunderstorm in your house. The noise is loud and scary, and the room gets very wet quickly. If you experience this, turn off the water and call a professional to find out where the burst occurs.

How long does it take to fix a burst pipe?

Some burst pipes may take longer to repair than others, and it all depends on the cause of the burst pipe and if other plumbing issues are also causing problems. Pro Plumbers always sends a certified plumbing technician to your home to identify the burst pipe and determine how to resolve it in a timely and affordable manner.

Tips to avoid burst pipes:

-If you've burst a pipe, turn off the water supply immediately. By turning off the water, you are limiting the damage that burst pipes can do.

-Don't ignore burst pipes. If burst pipes go untreated, they worsen and could lead to mold problems.

- Use anti-corrosive chemicals or devices like backflow preventers to help prevent burst pipe syndrome and burst pipe disease.

If you're looking for burst pipe services in Corona, CA, and the surrounding areas, call Pro Plumbers. When you call Pro Plumbers today, we'll send one of our experienced professionals out right away to take care of your needs. Pro Plumbers offers quality plumbing services at competitive prices. Homeowners can schedule burst pipe repair service online or call us directly at (844) 568-5500.

If you experience any type of plumbing issue, whether a burst water pipe or a leaky faucet, you can count on Pro Plumbers to get the job done.

We offer competitive prices for quality plumbing services with experienced professionals who specialize in burst pipe repair. Call Pro Plumbers today if you're looking for burst pipe services in Corona, CA, and the surrounding areas!


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