Our Three-Steps Drain Cleaning Method

Our Three-Steps Drain Cleaning Method

In this three step-by-step guide to Pro Plumbers drain cleaning, we use state-of-the-art technologies to leave you nothing but a peace of mind.

Pro Plumbers Three-Step Drain Cleaning Process

Clogged drains are awful. You step into the shower, and before you know it, you are taking a bath. Or your kitchen sink turns into a "leftover soup."

In this blog, we talk about the grease, the food particles, and just about anything else that causes a clogged drain nightmare. But don't you worry, the team of experts at Pro Plumbers will show you the first three steps we use to identify what caused the old clog in the first place.

Pro Plumbers Three-Step Drain Cleaning Process
Pro Plumbers Three-Step Drain Cleaning Process

Our Drain Cleaning Process: Three Steps To Unclogged Drains

It certainly doesn't happen overnight. Those clogged drains have a way to just sneak upon us. The drain goes through a long and painful process, but once they've had enough - you are the first one to know about it.

And that's where your neighborhood-friendly, family owned and operated, Pro Plumbers Inc. comes into the mix. We arrive at your home (or business) with everything needed to unclog your drains once and for all.

Our drain cleaning services help your home plumbing pipes flow like new again. Our state-of-the-art drain cleaning services equipment puts Pro Plumbers right there at the top of the list for best drain cleaning services near me. If you don't believe us, check out our plumbing reviews in Corona, CA. We take pride in fighting that greasy, hairy, soapy, drain cleaning battle. And so far, in Pro Plumbers vs. Clogged Drains, we are undefeated.

That is why homeowners in Corona, CA, and nearby areas pride us as their most trusted plumber near me. Here is our three-step guide to clearing out those clogged drains:

Step 1: Locate Drain Access Point of Entry

The first step is the easiest one. Locate your drain access point of entry point or your sewer clean out. Now, have you ever wondered where the main drain line in your house and yard are located? Main plumbing lines run from the home or building to the pipe that leads to the local sewer treatment plant. They carry sewage and wastewater away from your home.

“Finding the main sewer lines may seem like searching for DB Cooper. So we make sure that, when you do find it; we mark it accurately. Make the mistake of marking it incorrectly and you are looking at some serious consequences down the road (some expensive consequences). So step number one; find the drain access point of entry aka. the Sewer Clean-Out Fitting."

So you've spotted the clean-out in the basement or in the year somewhere, great! Now it's time to smile for the good old drain camera. Our drain cleaning camera goes in through the clean-out and gives us an inside look at those plumbing pipes. We run the camera down there to see what holding up traffic and causing those drains to clog. Pro Plumbers begins every drain cleaning process with a free camera inspection

Step 2: Drain Excess Waste Water

Did you know that an backed up sewer line can cause wastewater to overflow into your home? This doesn't just cause an absolute mess but is also detrimental to your health . This is where you need to take a step back and let the Pro Plumbers operate. We are experienced in the specific needs of sewer lines. Note, sewer lines are very different from other plumbing systems.

Overflowing sewage in your premises is foul, unsanitary, and can cause illness. It can also have a negative impact on your property value. We want to save you money, and at the same time - make you some money when / if you decide to sell your home. Draining excess waste water is a thorough process, just make sure to cover your nose as it might get smelly.

Step 3: Run Drain Machine

The last step is to slowly run our drain cleaning machine's cable inside the plumbing pipe in until we hit the clog. Now, this process begins with a very complicated procedure... making sure the thing is plugged in.

Then, we turn the power switch on. As the machine starts doing its thing, we let the cable feed itself slowly into the pipe until we hit the clog.  From here, the magic begins. Our drain cleaning machine starts unclogging your drain until its all clean.

Getting your water flowing again starts with a simple phone call. And that phone should dial  (844) 568-5500 - Pro Plumbers.  Our experts are certified, licensed, clogged drain cleaning machines!  We have plumbers in Corona, CA - plumbers in San Pedro, CA - plumbers in Long Beach, Ca - heck, we even have plumbers in Carson, CA.

Say hello to the Pro Plumbers and goodbye to your clogged drains. Give us a call today at (844) 568-5500.

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