Water Heater Repair

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Your Steady Stream of Hot Water is Here

Have you ever been in the middle of a shower only to have the hot water go out on you? Do you have to wait for a long time before the water coming from your faucets and taps gets hot? Is your water heater making strange noises? These are all signs that you may need water heater repair. It is recommended that you have your water heater serviced once a year at a minimum. This includes a tank flushing which is exactly what it sounds like: a plumber will empty all of the water out of your water heater’s reservoir and fill it back up with clean water. The reason this is done is to clear out a maximum amount of sediment in your tank and to reduce the risk of clogs. So if you are experiencing any abnormalities with your water heater, or if it has been too long since its last flushing, give us a call at 310-684-1836. We are Pro Plumbers Inc and we are water heater experts.

When Do You Need To Replace Your Water Heater?

There are a lot of variables that determine how long you can expect your water heater to function with no problem. Things like where the unit was installed, how well it was installed and how much it gets used all play an important role in its performance. We can help you sort through all of these details and devise a repair plan that will keep your water heater running for a very long time. In fact, we have become a resident favorite for water heater repair in San Pedro, CA because most of the time, we help customers avoid costly water heater replacements with our repair services.

While no water heater will last forever (typically you can expect between 8 and 12 years from a brand new water heater), we can make sure that you get the most use out of yours. It is also very important that you get your water heater repaired when it is needed. Aside from robbing you of the hot water you need, malfunctioning hot water heaters can behave erratically, possibly spewing out scalding hot water unexpectedly and burning you or one of your family members. Give us a call for water heater repair if you are noticing one or all of the following symptoms of water heater failure:

  • Clicking Sounds – Clicking or banging noises coming from your water heater is usually indicative of a clog in the line. The sounds you are hearing are the unit basically overheating. This is what can cause scalding hot water to unexpectedly rush through your faucets.
  • Rusted Water – Are you noticing that the water coming from your faucets is rust-colored? Does it taste funny? If so then the pipes in your water heater line might actually be rusted and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Leaks – As with all plumbing systems, leaking water is never a good sign. Be sure to check the area immediately around your water heater as often as possible.

Please Let us Fix Your Water Heater

No matter what kind of water heater you have installed in your home, we will be able to fix it. We fix both tankless and traditional water heaters and are fully licensed by the state. That means you can count on us for professional repairs 100% of the time. We have been doing water heater repair in San Pedro, CA for many years and we have yet to meet a customer we couldn’t delight with our expert service.

Going without hot water is simply out of the question and we are the plumbing company that can get your water heater working again fast! Regular water heater service is important and it can help keep any factory warranties in place as well. However, this is only available if you hire licensed professionals. Hiring us is a great way to make sure that your water heater functions reliably year after year without voiding any standing warranties.

Working on a water heater.

We Can Get Hot Water Back In Your Home

Our water heater repair service is affordable too. We consider hot water a necessity and we don’t think it’s right to price gouge anyone for something that is a necessity. If you compare our quotes with those of some of the largest plumbing companies in the area, we know you will see what we are talking about. We are the best choice for water heater repair in San Pedro, CA because we combine professionalism and affordability. Let us show you a higher level of service. Hire us for water heater repair by calling 310-684-1836!

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Excellent, Frank Lomeli responded to my plumbing dilemma within 30 minutes of contacting him. He handled the problem in a very timely manner without interrupting the water supply to my other tenants. I was extremely pleased with his professional service.