Sewer Line Cleaning and Replacement

A Plumber Checks a Sewer Line.

Maintain Your Sewer Lines

Sewer lines can be very problematic. They are installed underground and can become misaligned or damaged pretty easily. The good news, though, is that many sewer line problems can be fixed with easy cleaning. That is why we offer sewer line cleaning services here at Pro Plumbers Inc: it is an affordable service that more often than not, fixes sewer line problems. You can hire us for sewer line cleaning in San Pedro, CA any time by calling 310-684-1836 .

Whether you are already experiencing problems with your sewer drainage system or you just want to be proactive, we would love to be of service. Backed up sewer lines, which usually results in leaking or flooding, are typically caused by clogs. Stubborn debris washes into your sewer lines every day so it is important to have them cleaned regularly in order to maintain proper flow. Pro Plumbers Inc utilizes high tech video plumbing equipment to help us locate problematic areas. Then we do remove any affected pipes and do a thorough cleaning. When we are done, we make doubly sure that the pipes are re-installed securely. From beginning to end, we do professional sewer line cleaning in San Pedro, CA. Give us a call at 310-684-1836 when you need a sewer line cleaning.

Sewer Line Replacement

Of course, a simple cleaning may not be enough in some instances. When sewer line pipes are too old, have been affected by a shift in the earth or by tree roots or have been clogged for too long, they can burst. Broken pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible to mitigate flooding and water damage to your home. Fortunately, you can call Pro Plumbers Inc
for sewer line replacement as well. We can replace any component of your sewer lines, too, not just pipes. We use only the most durable, high-quality materials in our replacement services. We also adhere to the strict city and utility codes regarding sewer line work. When you hire us, you can bank on long-lasting sewer line replacements. You can reach us through our site or by phone. Get in touch with us at 310-684-1836 soon!

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