Water Line Replacements

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Pro Plumbers Water Line Replacement

Water pressure is the strength of the flow of water travelling through a home's water pipe. The more water that is pushed through a pipe, the greater the pressure. Anyone who has had the trouble of low pressure knows how frustrating the experience can be. Low pressure can result in poor toilet flushing, terrible showers, inability to wash clothing, and poor rinsing of the dishes.

We do not recommend using booster pumps to increase your water pressure. Our experience shows that customers who choose this method generally are not satisfied with their results.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

If your main water line is suffering from tree-root infiltration or has collapsed from overuse, the only reliable solution is a water service replacement. However, you don’t have to worry about your beautiful yard getting destroyed as plumbers dig to reach the main water line. At Pro Plumbers, we employ state-of-the-art trenchless water line replacement technology that enables us to quickly replace the damaged water line while it is still underground. That’s right! No mess, no problem! 

A water line break is a plumbing nightmare that can’t be ignored. If you think your water line is leaking or collapsed, call us today! With extensive experience in all aspects of water line repairs, from copper pipe repairs to main water shut off valve replacements, you can trust Pro Plumbers to service all your plumbing needs in the Corona, CA area and beyond.

Signs You May Need Water Line Repairs

Unless you’re a plumbing expert, you probably don’t know how a break in the water main will manifest itself. Hopefully, this is never something you have to worry about, but just in case you’re due for a water service repair, here are the signs to watch out for: 

Low Water Pressure

Main water lines provide homes with clean, pressurized water, straight from the treatment facility. If your home has a steady supply of water, but none of the usual pressure, there could be a problem with the main line that a quick water main repair can fix. 

Unexplained Puddles on the Street

If it hasn’t rained lately, but your neighborhood street has spots of wet patches, chances are your main water line has ruptured. This is one of the most common signs of water line breaks, as leaking water will find its way up and out. If a water service replacement isn’t performed immediately, a sinkhole could open up and destroy the street. Call an emergency plumber immediately for underground water line repairs if you notice this in your neighborhood. 

Soggy Spots in Your Yard

Instead of a break in the water main, it could be a break in your private lines that’s causing water to leak into your yard. Whether you need water line repairs or trenchless sewer repairs, it’s best not to neglect this issue. 

Disturbing Rumbling Noises

If your plumbing system sounds disgruntled every time you turn on the tap, you may have a water line leak. This is often the first sign that your water line needs repairs. In this case, it’s best to turn off your water using the main water shut off valve before repairs. If you locate and switch the main water shut off valve, but nothing happens, you may need to replace your main water shut off valve as well.

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Water line leaks can be extremely destructive, causing staining, discoloration and water damage. If you suspect you have a hidden water leak in your home, contact our experienced plumbers at Pro Plumbers today.

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