Toilet Repair and Installation

Caulking a Toilet.

Fixing Your Toilet is Easy With Our Help

Has your toilet been acting up lately? When you are trying to sleep at night, do you hear it running long after you have used it? Is it leaking at its base or not flushing properly? Whether you have been experiencing these or other problems with your toilet, you can count on us for fast and affordable toilet repair in San Pedro, CA. We are Pro Plumbers Inc and toilet repair is something we have been doing for over a decade. No matter what kind of issue you are facing, you can have it taken care of with just one call to us at 310-684-1836.

Our Repair Service Offerings

Here are just a few of the kinds of problems Pro Plumbers Inc
can fix when it comes to toilet repair and installation in San Pedro, CA:

Flapper Repair

This is one of the most common causes of running toilets. When the flapper does not seal properly it allows water into the bowl constantly. We can replace your flapper or fix it for you.

Wax Sealing

When your toilet is not properly fastened to the ground it can break the seal around the base which can cause major problems in the future. We can reseal and caulk your toilet quickly.

Weak Flushing

Weak flushing can be caused by many things like clogs or plumbing vent plugs. We can swiftly diagnose and fix the issue for you. Problems with your toilet can lead to higher water bills, so while you may think a running toilet may not be a big problem, it could be costing you money. Give us a call for affordable toilet repair in San Pedro, CA and save a bundle!

Toilet Installation

Toilet repair is not the only thing we do. If you need a new toilet installed in your home we are still the company to call. If your old toilet has been shifting around, acting up, leaking or is just too old for comfort, it may be time for an upgrade. We can install any kind of toilet expertly for you, including low-flow toilets. Many of our clients call on us in order to help make their homes more water-efficient. We provide a number of options but one of the most popular is new low-flow toilet installation. It is an easy and affordable way to maximize water-efficiency. All of our installations are thoroughly tested, too.

Call for Services Today

Pro Plumbers Inc wants to make sure we have covered all the bases and that your new toilet will serve you well. We can provide you with a free estimate for the work and help you choose a new toilet if you aren’t sure which would work best for you. We are at your service. Let us know how we can help with toilet repair and installation in San Pedro, CA by calling us at 310-684-1836 today!

Frankie Lomeli
Toilet clog, garbage disposal, toilet repair
Frankie Lomeli
Toilet clog, garbage disposal, toilet repair