Emergency Plumbing Repair

A burst pipe.

We Will Come to Your Plumbing Rescue

Do you know why it isn’t always a good idea to call on those national emergency plumbing companies? Because a lot of them are not local to the San Pedro, CA area. While they boast quick response times, there is a huge asterisk on their service. That asterisk reads something to the effect of “response times vary on location.” Here at Pro Plumbers Inc, we are a local company. We offer emergency plumbing repair in San Pedro, CA and the nearby areas not because we just want to expand our services. We do it because we are able to responsibly and responsively provide such a service. Please give us a call at 310-684-1836 to speak with us about your plumbing emergency.

Dedicated Emergency Service Teams

The last thing you need is some slow and far-away emergency plumber to take forever to get to your home while water is pooling around your ankles. We have dedicated emergency service teams who are ready to roll out at a moment’s notice, day or night. We are locally based which means that we can get to you sooner than those national companies. Still, just because we are a local business does not mean we lack anything in terms of skill and capability. We can handle any emergency situation, period. Here are just a few of the types of emergency plumbing repair we are capable of:

  • Burst Pipes – While frozen pipes are rarely an issue here in sunny San Pedro, neglected clogs can still do a number on underground pipes. Pipe damage like this can be very hard to access but we have the heavy-duty equipment to get to the source of the problem quickly and mitigate extensive water damage.
  • Interior Leaks – Whether you are seeing water come from under your kitchen sink, garage or bathroom, we will be there with everything we need to stop the leak. Interior plumbing leaks can spell disaster for your carpeting, drywall, cabinets and much more so don’t hesitate to call us for emergency plumbing repair in San Pedro, CA when you spot a leak.
  • Water Heater Repair – Water heater damage can also be very serious. It is something best left to the professionals. Water heater leaks can escalate very quickly. This is especially true of water heaters with a reservoir. When your water heater goes out or is leaking, be sure to call on us.
  • Water Line Repairs – Your house is connected to the city water line which is a vital connection that carries thousands of gallons of water every day. When this connection is compromised it can lead to serious damage to your home and even your neighbors home. Whether the problem is outdoor or indoor, it takes specialized skill to repair water mains. But you can count on us for water line leak repair even in emergency situations.

Fair Prices for Emergency Plumbing Service

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous plumbing companies out there that look to take advantage of customers in need of emergency plumbing repair. We think that is deplorable. We don’t exploit our customers by gouging them in their time of need. Try us once, and you will see that we offer fair pricing on all emergency plumbing services. We want to give you the help you need at a price you can afford because we are a company that values honesty. Call us at 310-684-1836 today!

Frankie Lomeli