Gas Line Repair and Installation

Man working on a gas appliance.

Skilled Gas Line Repair

Natural gas can be quite dangerous. That’s why you should seek the most qualified, licensed and experienced plumbers to service your gas lines. Here at Pro Plumbers Inc, we are a fully licensed plumbing company capable of safely carrying out all kinds of gas line repairs in San Pedro, CA. Gas line repair in San Pedro, CA is governed by strict city and utility codes. We are well aware of these codes and always adhere closely to them. Please give us a call at 310-684-1836 to learn more!

We Are Present and Available for Your Gas Lines

Even large gas line replacement jobs are not a problem for us. The older your gas lines get, the more they are likely to fail in one way or another. It is suggested that you have your gas lines serviced at least once a year. If you are unsure when the last time your gas lines were inspected, give us a call. We do full inspections and can handle any repair needs we may come across. We are the only company you will have to hire to have your gas lines serviced so give us a call at 310-684-1836 very soon!

Gas Line Installation

Gas line installation takes the same care, skill and qualifications as gas line repair. In fact, often times the word for gas line installation is even more specialized and labor-intensive. You can hire us for gas line installation no matter what type of home you have or how large it is. We have a full crew of gas line specialists in our employ and they are ready to go to work for you.

We Are the First Plumbers You Should Call

Many general contractors call on us first when they are working on a new home construction job. That’s because we are known for professional and secure gas line installation. We will not delay the construction schedule or hinder the progress of other subcontractors. Even if your existing home needs an entirely new gas line system, we will be able to help you. We guarantee that our work will be up to code on every job. You can depend on us. Let us know how we can be of service by calling us at 310-684-1836 today!

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